Terra Felice, means "Grace of Earth" in Italian, inspired by an idea to creates food and wine that originates from nature's gifts.

A Place where...
organic vegetables are directly deriver from local farmers,
seasonal food and drinks come from carefully selected origins,
prosciutto sliced delicately with Italian special ham slicer "Tamanini"
and meat grilled by the custom-made firewood grill.
All ingredients and producers are carefully selected by Chef, to make them an exquisite Italian gourmet.

Some arrive for exceptional food and wine, some for nibbles and beverages; at Terra Felice, we aim to enjoy you with various occasions.



Menu di Pranzo


Enjoy Felice’s lunch dishes...
organic vegetables salad directly deliver from local farmers,
weekly changing pasta,
paper-thin sliced Prosciutto,
firewood grilled meat,
chill-out with Italian wine selection and more.

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"Menu Felice" 月替わりでコースをご用意しております。


We prepare monthly changing, Chef ’s choice course “Corso Felice”
Have a wondrous time with our monthly ingredients from nature that highlights our restaurant’sconcept “Grace of Earth”
*Course menu needs to be order by everyone at the table.

We also offer over thirty different types of à la carte plates.
Enjoy our chef ’s extensive dishes offerings!

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Take Out

Take out food will be made after we receive your order, to keep them fresh and tasty.
Enjoy our delicious freshly prepared Italian cuisine experience at home.

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All Felice dishes are carefully pair with various Italian wine selection chose by our sommelier.
Enjoy every moment with your favorite Italian wine!


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Info & Directions

Terra Felice

2-15-13, Higashiazabu, Minato Ku, Tokyo To, 106-0044, Japan [Map]

We are open:
Lunch 11:30~13:30 (L.O)
Dinner 17:30~22:00 (L.O)



〒106-0044 東京都港区東麻布2-15-13 [地図]

ランチ 11:30~13:30 (ラストオーダー)
ディナー 17:30~22:00 (ラストオーダー)